Developing a strong and winning strategy is at the core of everything we do for clients.  We offer a full range of strategic services.

Strategy Workshop

Our facilitators will thoroughly dissect your business over a half or full day workshop, uncovering high level objectives, opportunities and challenges. These insights are used to launch business plan development, complete a grant report or kick off a fund-raising process.

Download our Strategy Workshop brochure to learn more.

Business Plan

Workshop insights are researched and then transformed into a detailed guide for success by our team of strategists. The entire business is covered from market analysis to financial forecasting to legal.

Information Memorandum

A condensed but persuasive version of the plan is created to attract investment.

Pitch Deck

A compelling summary of the Information Memorandum for face-to-face presentations to potential investors.


Our leaders have worked across many sectors, businesses and requirements.  We are adept at assessing your needs and recommending strategic approaches to help secure a more profitable future.  Helping you thrive and grow.