Case Study – Bonissimo

Bonissimo case study grant funding

Axito’s team of proven and experienced professionals is passionate about seeing Australian businesses thrive and grow. Whether it’s through secure grants, capital raising, or commercialisation, Axito connects businesses with all the resources they need to reach their potential. This case study examines how Axito helped Bonissimo, a coffee roaster based in Perth, take their business to the next level in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Client’s Goal

Secure new machinery and people to significantly increase their production of bio-compostable coffee capsules and commence production of bio-compostable cups. Thereby considerably reducing the amount of unrecyclable plastic and metal that will enter landfill.

Axito’s Solution

Our team immediately saw that Bonissimo had a great story to tell. Bonissimo had grown to be a leader in the industry. However, they needed a little help taking their next step. That’s where Axito came in.

We recommended applying for a grant under the Modern Manufacturing Fund (MMF) for Bonissimo.
The MMF is an excellent government initiative to encourage the growth of small and medium-sized businesses to promote manufacturing and job creation.

We aimed to secure $350,000 to expedite Bonissimo’s environmentally friendly transformation, allowing them to organise the required equipment and staff faster than they ever could with only their own funds. With over 300 years of experience between us, Axito knows what the application assessors are looking for and how to craft the story. The
journey of an Australian-started coffee roaster to an environmentally responsible, multi-faceted company was incredibly inspiring and Axito’s team brought it to life.


The Axito team was incredibly excited to hear that Bonissimo secured the full $350,000 Modern Manufacturing grant. Bonissimo is above to procure the required machines, find experienced consultants to help the transition run smoothly, and become the only producer of bio-compostable coffee capsules and cups in Western Australia.

Bonissimo’s sustainable, Nespresso compatible capsules will be available to all Australians for your home or workplace.

Empowering SMEs like Bonissimo to reach new heights is our team’s specialty. At Axito, every member of our team has a senior level of experience in business consultancy. We have cut out the layers of junior staff that larger firms make
you wade through, so you’ll always feel like you are talking to a peer.

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